CE Rules

New CE Rules

For California Agents Renewing After 2/19/2015

Effective 2/19/2015, California insurance continuing education will change. DON’T WORRY! Despite emails and letters from other companies trying to generate panic sales, you WILL NOT have to take closed book exams or suffer through countless practice questions when taking CE from us.

Affordable Educators is pleased to offer easier, approved Self-Directed Continuing Education. These courses function THE SAME AS courses you have taken from us before. Our new self-directed system is now up and running. Call or write us if you have any further questions.

Required Courses

The Patriot Act and it’s Reauthorization in 2005 created new rules concerning terrorist money laundering activities. Insurance companies are now obligated to…

Starting 1/1/07 the California Code requires all Life / Heath Agents and Property / Casualty Broker-Agents to complete four (4) hours of ethics training during their two-year license term. Ethics training is part of, not in addition to, the California resident agent’s current continuing education requirement.

We have several courses that will satisfy your ethics requirement. See Courses 193, 171, 172, 173, 175, 142, 181 and 182. Some give you as much as 30 hours of CE credit with 4 hours going to meet your ethics requirement…so, it’s like getting two courses in one. Get the hours you need and ethics is included…almost like free ethics!

NOTE: Extra course hours may carry forward (see note below), but you still need “fresh” ethics hours EVERY renewal period, i.e. you can’t take a bunch of extra ethics hours and expect them to meet your ethics requirements for years to come.

SB 620 was signed into law on September 29, 2003. This law requires all agents to complete an 8-Hour training course before selling or soliciting any annuity…Fixed, variable, indexed, etc. This 8-hour requirement is PART OF NOT IN ADDITION TO your other CE requirement hours. Your Certificate of Completion for this course is authorization to begin selling. See Annuity 4-Hour Course below to continue your annuity training.

To keep your Ann


Life, health, property and casualty agents need 24 hours of continuing education every two years. For more details, refer to the information on the left.

  • Ethics
  • Annuity
  • LTC
  • Flood
  • Homeowners Valuation Training
  • Anti-Money Laundering